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Roots, prefixes and suffixes exercises

Greek and Latin Roots Lists


This is a really good introductory site for students who might not even know what these are.  It explains roots, suffixes, prefixes and spelling, each page with a fact sheet to explain, a worksheet with which to practice, and a quiz to check.  Not exhaustive, but a good intro.


My Vocabulary

This site has seven sets of 3-root groups; each set has a large group of puzzles and a storyto practice.


Powerpoints for introducing and practicing prefixes and suffixes

Five pre-made powerpoints to introduce the concept of prefixes and suffixes





A nice divided list of suffixes showing which form nouns, verbs, adjective, adverbs, with explanations and example sentences


Learn That Word

Very comprehensive list of suffixes; you click on one, and it takes you to a worksheet full of sample words using that suffix.


Nancy Metz  suffix links

A lot of links to suffix pages, worksheets and games




Nancy Metz  prefix links

The same as above, but prefixes


My Vocabulary

This site has a limited set of prefixes, but each set has a few puzzles for practice.


List of Negative Prefixes


Negative prefix quiz


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