Simple News stories

Simple (As in only about three sentences!) news stories with the option to listen, some vocabulary highlights.


California Distance Learning Project: Adult Learning Activities

This lower-level reading site is organized around vocational topics (Health and Safety, Science and Technology, Services, Money, etc.)  Each reading is quite short, but most have a video link. as well.  Each article is followed by some vocabulary and short comprehension activities.


Literacy Net

Mildly outdated intermediate-level stories from CNN, with great exercises, including comprehension, sequencing, conclusions and vocabulary work.  Can read the full text, an abridged text, or see an outline.




5-Minute English

These are quite short reading exercises, with short comprehension exercises (thus, the name "5-minute")  Even though these are short, they are more appropriate for intermediate + readers due to the lexical complexity.

EFL Club biographies

Only five biographies here so far (Che Guevara, Princess Diana, Albert Einstein & JK Rowling) , but great stand-alone lessons with tons of vocabulary, vocab exercises, comprehension questions, and a video link with its own activities!


News English Lessons

These very short, rather basic, news stories come with a wide variety of activities for teachers to use with them: Cloze exercise, vocab, spelling, listening and conversation activities.


Breaking News English

This site is almost exactly like the one above, but the exercises are more advanced even though the news story is almost the same length as those from the site above.


Cengage Learning

This e-learning site has timed readings for short passages, but the comprehension questions section is no longer working.


Extraordinary People From Around the World:A Downloadable Reader with Discussion Questions

This online "book" highlights international heroes from a variety of countries.  The readings are about three pages long and have discussion questions, but no language work.


English Works! Reading and Mapping strategies

Nice site that teaches students to analyze essays.  This is also a great writing site.


E-Reading Summarizing

Lots of handouts (with answers) for learning to write summaries of texts.



Longer articles, with lots of lexical work, no comprehension.  Most of the topics are business related, but could be used in other upper-level courses.

How stuff works

Not designed for ESL, but very interesting short reading blurbs on inventions, etc




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