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100 Best resources for ESL teachers

A huge list (100!) of links covering lesson plans and handouts, teaching tips, activities (songs, idioms, etc.), teaching children, videos and podcasts, newletters and blogs, and high tech teaching


Internet TESL Journal teacher lessons

Lessons for everything—conversation, games, culture, internet, music, etc


ESL Library

Lesson plans and flashcards--says that it requires a membership, but you can click on most things and get samples for free.


ESL Resource Center

This is a nice site with a wide variety of lesson.


University of Nancy-Metz resource links

Okay, for the longest time I though that Nancy was a woman with an amazing resource of websites!! It turns out that it is an English Academy!  But they have amazing lists of websites for any topic.


Flashcard maker

Very simple and quick flash card maker site--you can print them or save in PDF.


Easy TestMaker

You need to set up a free account, but there are a lot of resources for making online tests and quizzes.



Another free online quiz maker.


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