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Nick Peachy

This guy is my absolute favorite.  He is great at showing how to use a seemingly non-educational site for ESL purposes, complete with classroom activity ideas. He has three parts to his site:  a daily English activity, a learning tech blog, and a quick shout tech news.

This is one of Nick Peachy's newest additions--it's a nice visual link to his favorite resources.


Larry Ferlazzo

A lot of his apps and links are more for secondary education, but there are a lot of great ideas for ESL.


Free Tech for Teachers

Home - Free Technology For Teachers (

A blog with lots of great links to some of the newest technologies that can be applied to education.


Jane Knight

She is particularly good at taking trendy technology and finding application for it (i.e. Twitter, etc.)


Life feast

Another wonderful teacher applying cool new apps to the classroom.


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