My Top Favorites:

These are sites that I go back to over and over again!

English Page

My very favorite.  It has great explanations, with really good verb tense contrast exercises.

Study Zone

You'll need to navigate into "Verbs" and then "Tenses", but this is another site with not only explanations and exercises, but good verb tense contrasts.

Perfect English Grammar

This site has three different pages for each tense: making, using and practicing.  It also has some nice tense contrast explanations and exercises.

My English Pages

Very wide variety of grammar topics with brief explanations and an exercise to an exercise for each.

ESL Lounge

This site is divided into five levels, from beginner to advanced.  Once you find the topic you need, there are nice, concise explanations with embedded quizzes.


More Great Resources


English Grammar with Jennifer

Many of you know Jennifer from her pronunciation site, but she has some very gentle, well-explained grammar videos as well.

Test English

Lots of good exercises here; when you first choose a topic, you're directed to the quiz and then can choose another tab for "Explanation".  Be aware that it tends to be more British!

ESL Tower grammar games

Lots of online grammar games.  You will need to enable Adobe Flash Player!

ESL Tower

This link is the same as above, but printable grammar worksheets oriented to teachers--a wide variety of subjects.

Learn English Feel Good


This website may not have explanations, but such a wealth of exercises--great for when your students need extra practice--great upper level resource!

Azar Grammar

Even if you don't use the Azar grammar books, this site has a lot of useful extras:  powerpoints, song activities, and extra handouts.


English 4 U

Many, many online exercises, graded in easy, medium or difficult.


ESL Resources

Nice links to exercises on other websites based on verb tense

English Hilfen

Lots of links to verb tenses, with contrasts.  For the explanations, visit another page:



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