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TED Talks

These 18-minute talks are from the world’s most interesting thinkers, creators and leaders, who are challenged to give the “talk of their lives” in a fixed time.  There are more than 200, and all free.  Great for advanced oral communication.


Lesson Stream

Video clips with lesson plans


Education Clip Library

Education Clip Library  a library of educationally contextualized video clips.  It covers all major curriculum areas.  Requires  registration.


ESL Movie notes

Quite outdated movies, but each guide is a detailed synopsis of a movie that consists of a summary of the plot, a list of the major characters, a glossary of vocabulary and various cultural reference, and questions for ESL class discussion.


Monkey See

Short how-to videos; great for process listening/note-taking.



Free full-length documentaries!  Over 500 on file.  You can even pick five that you like, email them to someone, or put the widget on your own page!



Increasingly popular site with lots of current and classic tv shows, older movies and current movie clips.  You can find videos through the channels (topic) section at the top.



Lots of popular TV shows here!





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