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A very fun collaborative site.  Students (and others) view images, text or video, and then add their comments through text, telephone, microphone or webcam.  Their pictures or avatars show up on both sides of the source screen, and you can click on each one to hear or read their comments.  Requires registration, and you can restrict viewers.


Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

A very nice overview, tutorial and technical explanation of using digital storytelling in the classroom.  Good examples to view as well.


Photostory Tutorial

A step by step PDF to show you how to use Photostory 3.



Create your own "facebook" type of community.  Free, but requires registration and can be restricted to certain users.  Easy setup.


PB Wiki

Set up your own wiki for group projects


Wet Paint

Another very popular wiki host, with ad-free education sites.


Colette Cassinelli’s Voicethread for Education Wiki

A nice wiki highlighting how other teachers are using Voice thread; you can look at their presentations and hear/read comments.


Ask Auntie Web: Intro to Wikis

Very simple video intro to Wikis with step by step instructions following






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