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Cengage Editing Page

Advanced editing exercsises

English for Everyone Paragraph Editing

Beginning to advanced; lots of paragraphs for editig practice.

Every day Edits

Literally what it says!  A short paragraph edit every day by month.

Learning English with Michelle-Editing

Learning English with Michelle: Editing/ Error Correction

Excellent site with so many editing topics from fragments and run ons to pronouns and spelling

Editing and Proofreading Worksheets

A Guide to Tutoring Non-native speakers


This is a very wide resource of PDF worksheets for topics from organizing an essay, to note-taking, to grammar and editing.


English Grammar Extra WordsEng

Several exercises to find extra words (with answer key)

ESL Lounge Extra Words

More exercises to find extra words (with answer sheets)

Jon's English Proofreading Page

Lots of pdf exercises on a variety of editing topics.


Daily Grammar

This site has very short (as in 1-3 sentences) explanations anda then a short exercise.  But it has every single grammar topic imagineable!


Using English for Academic PurposesUsing

Advanced site with proofreading overview and exercises.

Virtual Writing Tutor

Paste text into the editing box for grammar and spelling checking.  Free account is limited to 500 words.

ESL Writing Proofreading

Two exercises with beginning level paragraphs



This is a Chrome add-on that checks grammar with onine writing.

My English Run-ons

Nice explanation with quiz (with answers)


Quia Run-ons practice

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