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They have over 230 proverbs, organized alphabetically in 16 lists, with accompanying quizzes and games for practice.






A large link to links of idioms, history of phrases.

The Phrase Finder

Meaning and historyfor 2000 idioms


The Idiom Connection

Large list of idioms, separated alphabetically as well as by theme.  There is also a similar page with lots of proverbs.  At the end of each group (the whole thing) is a quiz.


Go English Idioms

Alphabetical list with explanations

English By Clips

Several Idioms in TV clips


Paul Noll

This is a list of 600 idioms!  No exercises, just a giant list with explanations.


Idioms using “hit”

VOA slide show about idioms with “hit” with a hangman game.

Idiom list and games

You need to scroll down to the middle of this page to  find "Idiom quizzes by Letitia Bradley", but there are a lot of them!


Phrasal Verbs


Sticky Ball Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs sorted by their first words; worksheet for each group

Learn Engilsh Today

Alphabetical list with quizzes

Phrasal Verbs list and games

Alphabetical list


ESL Lounge

Here you can find lots of phrasal verbs sorted by the first word, with exercises


Using English Phrasal verb list

No games or quizzes, but a very extensive list


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