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My Personal Favorites:

These top four are the sites that I always come to first to find specific verb tense explanations and exercises for my students to do after class.

1. Rachel's English

Very comprehensive site in which you can click on a letter, and it takes you to a video of Rachel explaining and demonstrating the sound.


2. American English Pronunciation Practice

Great site with minimal pair practice (contrast of two similar sounds)


3. Sounds of English

This has a great list of minimal pair  and word stress explanations and practice.


4. English with Jennifer

Jennifer has over 40 videos just for pronunciation, another 70+ on things like vocabulary, grammar, mistakes and slang.


Jennifer's Sentence Stress Lessons

This is the first of three videos that covers a lot of the rules that we discussed in class concerning content & function words and rhythm.


Jennifer's Sentence Rhythm through Rhyme videoJe

This is a series of three videos in which Jennifer shows the rhythm of English through a few nursery rhymes


ESL Gold Pronunciation

Good practice for certain contrasting vowels and consonants.  Includes activities for stress, intonation and reduction.


Eva Easton

This is a really nice page with lots of examples, practice, links to toher sites and quizzes.


English Meeting

Only a few English videos for pronunciation & listening, but this guy is very funy in a dry humor way.  Good video for the two "th" sounds.


English Pronunciation: Advanced Practice by Sunny Tseng

This site has some good work on sound reduction, sentence stress,  and rhythm.  Not all of the exercises have active links, but most do.


Spoken skills—Classroom activities

Another good site for students supplementary practice; lots of phonics, with the ability to record and listen to yourself compared to the original.  Has some tongue twisters as well.  “ESL Oscars Video clips” has clips several seconds long from the scene of a tv show; good for intonation.  There isn't a huge amount of phonetic work, and the site hasn't been updated in a while, but it has some good resources.


Sozo Exchange

This site has a series of videos with idioms, pronunciation, quizzes, etc.

English Consonants

This is a nice site for recognizing initial and final consonants.  Basically, they are listening exercises in which the students choose from a list of words using the target sound and put them into the correct sentence.


Talk English

This is just audio based, but it has some nice explanation and samples.


ESL Flow

This is a well-known site that links to other sites for activities



This is a great site for teachers or students who want to use IPA for pronunciation.  You just type the text in one box, hit transcribe, and it changes it to IPA for you!!


Language Center Pronunciation Lessons

Note that this site is out of Hong Kong, so there's some British focus and also a lot of Cantonese focus, but it's a good site that not only has tricky vowel and consonant practice, but also a lot of work on syllables, word stress, sentence stress, linking and rhythm.


English Vowel Chart

Vowel chart with sound

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