Create your own "facebook" type of community.  Free, but requires registration and can be restricted to certain users.  Easy setup.


Wet Paint

Another very popular wiki host.



Do you have a great powerpoint presentation that you'd like to share?  Or do you want an interesting powerpoint for a project?  An easy way to pass on powerpoints, publicly or privately.



You can use and share powerpoints, video or audio.  Includes features to upload directly to YouTube, send greeting cards, or discuss presentations live.



Online blackboard-type site.



Free internet calling audio or video.



This is a synchronous voice discussion group, but very targeted to language learners.  You can search by topic category and choose between open, private and restricted groups.



Very wild alternative to giving traditional presentations. Could be used for planning speeches and essays.



Upload photos and narrate with your voice from a microphone or phone!



This is THE best recording software available for FREE!  Great for recording and editing voice tracks, music, etc.



I'm always looking for free pictures when making powerpoints or exercises, and this is a nice resource, arranged by theme.




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